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Artjam Submission: Betraying Evil
(Within the Shadow Realm's lowest & most horrifying level, Yami, Nazaru, the incarnation of evil strolls through the various souls as they continued to be drained)
Soul: (Struggles with the tendrils piercing her arm to raise it) King Nazaru.
Nazaru: (Turns around) Well isn't this a sight. Not only is a soul enduring untold pain, but has found the gall to ask for my attention. Speak then.
Soul: I know that I have been put here because of my actions on Earth, and accept my punishment, but I would ask a request of you. I wish to leave the Shadow Realm and return to the Earth for 3 days.
Nazaru: Is that so?
Soul: Yes.
Nazaru: (Waves his hand and the tendrils restrain the soul dig deeper into her skin) And what, may I ask is the reason for this unorthodox exodus?
Soul: In my village. There's a plague that has stricken my people. I had found the cure near the mountains, but I died before I could deliver it. If you could just-
Nazaru: I have spent my entire existence trying to destroy all tha
:iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 1 2
Mature content
Naruto and Karui request :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 11 14
Neo Z Fighters vs Frieza
(Inside Capsule, Trunks Jr is seen walking with his Neo Z Fighters)
Trunks: You sure you want to go through with this, Shikeiru? No one would complain if you're not ready.
Shikeiru: We're sure. This is an opponent we've been aching to beat more than anyone! We won't back down!
Rose: Thats right! We can't be your teammates if we can't prove ourselves!
Ray: Well said!
Draz: So are we going to do this or what?
Trunks: Alright guys. (Presses the buttons on Bulma's simulator) Good luck. (Uses instant transmission to teleport next to Bulma) They're ready, Bulma.
Bulma: Thats all I needed to hear. Simulation has begun!
Shikeiru: There he is, our greatest foe.
Ray: (Sees their foe)Frieza!
Frieza: Hmm? Is there something I can do for you, Earthlings?
Draz: We've come to defeat you!
Ray: We're going to kick your ass!
Frieza: (Chuckles) You got some nerve challenging the likes of me. Very well, since your so insistant on opposing me, I'll let all of you make the 1st move. Let me see your strength
:iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 5 4
Mature content
Ghost Nappa Meets Ghost Athena :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 9 20
Mature content
Susy's Desiree Pt. 2 :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 7 9
Mature content
Susy's Desiree Part 1 :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 6 12
The Double Date Request
(While waiting at the exterior of Bennigans, Shikeiru and Desiree sit on a bench)
Desiree: So where are two friends of your's?
Shikeiru: Relax, they'll be here soon. (Sees the two) Found them!
Splashwoman: Shikeiru! We're here. (Sees Desiree) Oh this must beyour ghost genie girlfriend you mentioned, Daisy.
Desiree: I'm Desiree. And you must be Splashwoman and um...who are you again?
???: I am ????
Desiree: Right. (Whispers to Shikeiru) Shikeiru, why doesn't he have a name?
Shikeiru: I don't know. Better not think about it. Well lets go in.
(The four enter the restaurant and take their seats)
Waitress: So what ya'll be having today?
Shikeiru: I'll have the ribeye steak with fries!
Desiree: I'll have the Lobter meal.
Splashwoman: I'm getting chicken tenders with onion rings.
???: I'll have the baby back ribs.
Shikeiru: Ribs? Are you crazy? My girlfriend is Muslim, they think eating pork is taboo!
Desiree: Its ok, honey. I'm open minded to people's choices to eat.
Waitress: Ok, then. You'
:iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 4 3
Mature content
Ino Sakura Hinata Muscle Req. :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 32 23
Mature content
Shikeiru Desiree Clearing Name :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 4 6
Ino Sakura Butt Request
(Shikeiru enters his home soaking wet)
Shikeiru: Ino and Sakura think their so darn funny! Hitting me with those water balloons. (Dries self with towel) I'm going to get them for this if its the last thing I do!
(The next day Sakura and Ino are at Iruka's Ramen)
Sakura: (Laughing) I can't believe the prank we pulled on Shikeiru is still so funny!
Ino: Yeah it was so brilliant! Thanks to me.
Sakura: (Angrily) You? It was my idea!
Ino: In your dreams!
Iruka: Girls, calm down! Here is your Ramen.
Sakura & Ino: Oh boy!
(Iruka goes behind a door and turns to Shikeiru)
Shikieru: In moments, I will have my revenge!
(Sakura and Ino eat the ramen and feel funny)
Ino: Something isn't right.
(Suddenly Ino's butt grows and so does Sakura)
Sakura: (Screams) Oh my god! My butt is huge!
Ino: My ass looks like it belongs on a fat woman! (Starts crying) Now no boy will want me!
Sakura: Its not so bad. I heard that boys actually like girls with big butt!
Ino: You mean...boys like Sasuke!
(Sakura and Ino
:iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 27 15
Mature content
Trapped in Guantanamo Bay :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 5 4
Shikeiru Quest Desiree's Fear
(Shikeiru wakes up in his bed and cleans his eyes)
Shikeiru: Well today is the big day! My first S rank mission!
Desiree: (From downstairs) Shikeiru, breakfast is ready!
(Shikeiru gets ready and goes down to the table)
Shikeiru: How are you this morning Des? (Kisses Desiree)
Desiree: Everthing is fine, sweety. I was thinking tonight we could see that play in the village about the Arabian tales.
Shikeiru: Wish I could, but Tsunade just gave me an S rank mission in the Sand Village! I can't skip on this one!
Desiree: S rank? Isn't that dangerous? Well you're staying here so I can keep you safe!
Shikeiru: (Finishes eating his bacon) Oh o- Wait whats that over there?
Desiree: Where?
(Shikeiru disappears in a puff of smoke)
Desiree: You're going to be in so much trouble when you get home! I better follow him.
(Desiree leaves the village and spots Shikeiru in the forest)
Shikeiru: This is it! I'm going to be the one who has to find the secret Akatsuki base in the Sound Village! I hope I get
:iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 4 12
Nagato and Konan Request
(In the Rain Village, Nagato and Konan go into a restaurant)
Konan: There is our seat over there!
Nagato: I see it.
(The two ninjas sit at the table)
Konan: How is everything with you?
Nagato: Everything is fine. Do you know what you're going to get for dinner?
Konan: I'm think aout some simple Sushi with oolong tea.
Nagato: I'm going to have ox tail.
Konan: Sounds great! Oh there is the waiter over there! Waiter!
Waiter: Oh, hello you two. Can I get your order?
Konan: I'll have sushi and oolong tea! And he'll have the ox tail.
Waiter: Coming right up!
Konan: Thanks again for inviting me to dinner. I needed the break from all these missions.
Nagato: I feel the same way. But one day, I'm going to change all that. One day I'll make the world full of peace, where no ninja can go endanger their lives.
Konan: That would be a great world to live in. I believe in you.
(Konan and Nagato kiss each other)
Waiter: Excuse me, your dinner is ready!
:iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 5 12
Trunks Jr vs Gogeta
(In a desert, Goku waits for someone to arrive)
Goku: Where is he? Baba said she'd bring him here 10 mins. ago.
Vegeta: Hold your horses Kakarot! I'm here.
Baba: Alright now Vegeta, you know that I can only have you in the living world for a day. So use it wisely! (Baba leaves)
Goku: Are you excited Vegeta? This is the first time we get to meet Trunks Jr! I bet he's aching to fight his two dads!
Vegeta: Be quiet! I don't want anyone to know I'm doing this! The only reason I agreed to this was to see just how strong a clone saiyan is.
Goku: (Sees someone flying towards them) He is almost here! Its now or never!
Goku & Vegeta: Fu-sion-ha!
(Goku and Vegeta do the fusion dance and become Gogeta)
Gogeta: Alright!
Trunks: Baba said to come out here for a surprise. What could be so important? (Trunks sees a bright light) Woah! There it is!
(Trunks lands on a rock and sees another saiyan)
Trunks: Who,who are you?
Gogeta: I am neither Goku, nor Vegeta! I am the one who will beat you!
Trunks: It
:iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 8 10
Kratos Rips Cronos Fingernail by Shikeiru
Mature content
Kratos Rips Cronos Fingernail :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 3 14
Hercules by Shikeiru Hercules :iconshikeiru:Shikeiru 34 44


REQUEST: 18 farting on Bulma by Lazei
Mature content
REQUEST: 18 farting on Bulma :iconlazei:Lazei 270 15
Vegeto SSGSS by Maniaxoi Vegeto SSGSS :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 399 91 Goku,DeDe Vs Bills/Beerus-Sama by xDe-Dex Goku,DeDe Vs Bills/Beerus-Sama :iconxde-dex:xDe-Dex 11 0 Kid Buu Pokeball by Digi-TheSaiyan Kid Buu Pokeball :icondigi-thesaiyan:Digi-TheSaiyan 14 13 BioYuGi Upgrade - Bulma Butt BlackVioxx by LakeHylia
Mature content
BioYuGi Upgrade - Bulma Butt BlackVioxx :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 828 23
Vegetto Ssgss by MaDnEsSbRs666 Vegetto Ssgss :iconmadnessbrs666:MaDnEsSbRs666 36 1 El dios de su raza by PiPeSnOw El dios de su raza :iconpipesnow:PiPeSnOw 236 0 Shy- Lineless style by TeaDarkA Shy- Lineless style :iconteadarka:TeaDarkA 28 34 Character Womans Sketch block Two by omar-sin Character Womans Sketch block Two :iconomar-sin:omar-sin 97 19 CharacterWomans Sketch Block One by omar-sin CharacterWomans Sketch Block One :iconomar-sin:omar-sin 106 18 Lilyie  and Delia Hug Ass by omar-sin Lilyie and Delia Hug Ass :iconomar-sin:omar-sin 255 12 Nonon Jakuzure - The TrueSurvivor Facesitting by omar-sin
Mature content
Nonon Jakuzure - The TrueSurvivor Facesitting :iconomar-sin:omar-sin 423 24
Lilyie Bunny Girl by omar-sin Lilyie Bunny Girl :iconomar-sin:omar-sin 228 18 Andre and Lilyiena by omar-sin Andre and Lilyiena :iconomar-sin:omar-sin 122 15 Oceanus Shenron by omar-sin Oceanus Shenron :iconomar-sin:omar-sin 242 31 Aquarius by omar-sin Aquarius :iconomar-sin:omar-sin 245 34


Wow! Naruto has been getting bad recently, but the chapter I read broke the camel's back. Sasuke return to aid the ninja alliance because of Hashirama's speech to him. He gives a half assed apology, then states he wants to become Hokage. And the worst part isn't the fact that this comes from nowhere since Sasuke never even desired to become Hokage, but that the people are actually entertaining the idea. The guy who so whiny and psychotic that you can compare him to Superboy Prime, who murdered numerous people is being considered for a leader for a village he abandoned. Worse still is that now that Sasuke is here all the other ninjas are "going to get serious". So when Neji died...nope...when Hinata proclaimed her love to Naruto again and almost died....nope. Sasuke comes on! And Sakura says she's going to use her full power now. So this whole time she could've used her hidden power when they really needed it? That is some Deus EX Machina BullSh**t. I'm done with this series. So if anybody knows any good manga/anime for me to check out let me know.

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